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The AP Has No Idea What They’re Doing

The AP means business on this “let’s start suing people” tip, which I posted about yesterday. The first shot rang out yesterday when the AP sent a cease and desist order to WTNQ-FM in LaFollette, Tenn. for embedding videos from AP’s YouTube channel on their website. Perfectly reasonable, right? Well, no. Not so much.

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YouTube may Feature Full-Length Movies

As posted on Mashable.com, Youtube is discussing with Sony Pictures the possibility of featuring full length movies like Spiderman and The DaVinci Code on the viral videos website.

While not yet confirmed, if the deal goes through it will be YouTube’s first leap into providing premium content. While the site has provided content from CBS, MGM, and Disney, none of it has been full-length features.

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What did you really agree to when you signed up for MySpace, Picasa, YouTube, Twitter…?


Amanda L. French posted an interesting article a few days ago comparing Facebook’s Terms of Service with the Terms of Service of other sites, including MySpace, Picasa, YouTube, Flickr, Twitter and LinkedIn.  While this article was written before  Facebook returned to its old Terms of Service, it still provides some really interesting and important information about what you really agreed to when you signed up for these sites.  

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