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Courtney Love sued for ‘malicious’ Twitter posts


Famous (or perhaps infamous?) rock star Courtney Love is being sued for defamation after posting ‘malicious’ comments on her Twitter and Myspace accounts about her former fashion designer, Dawn Simorangkir.

“According to a libel claim filed by Simorangkir in Los Angeles Superior Court March 26, Love used Twitter to disseminate “an obsessive and delusional crusade” of malicious libel against her. Simorangkir, who’s based in Austin, Texas, also claims Love slandered her on MySpace.”

It will be interesting to see how this one turns out. Other celebs, such as Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, are also dealing with Twitter troubles.

What do you think about celebs with Twitter accounts? Are they asking for trouble or should they be free to use to use the service along with the rest of the world?

What did you really agree to when you signed up for MySpace, Picasa, YouTube, Twitter…?


Amanda L. French posted an interesting article a few days ago comparing Facebook’s Terms of Service with the Terms of Service of other sites, including MySpace, Picasa, YouTube, Flickr, Twitter and LinkedIn.  While this article was written before  Facebook returned to its old Terms of Service, it still provides some really interesting and important information about what you really agreed to when you signed up for these sites.  

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