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“The Daily Show” Takes a Jab at Twitter

Last night Jon Stewart and “The Daily Show” poke a little fun at Twitter and other social media being used by members of the media and congress. In a response to lawmakers Twittering during an Obama speech last week, Samantha Bee sounds-off about her personal social media use.


Freshmen Congressmen Take Part in Social Media

Two freshman congressmen, Jared Polis and Jason Chaffetz embarked on an experiment a few weeks ago when they began documenting for the world via CNN what it was like to be new to Washington. Their series, which can be found here, show the guys working with committees, sleeping on cots (at least one of them does) and working with constituents.

They also employ other means of social media including Twitter and YouTube. And of course with Twitter, anyone can follow Jason or Jared.

Here’s one of Jason’s additional YouTube videos.

The two men couldn’t be more different. Jared is a Princeton educated democrat from Colorado and the first openly gay man elected to the House as a freshman while Jason is a republican from Utah who played football for BYU in the late 80’s and is now married with three children.

Both Jason and Jared keep diaries and tweet daily so their followers know what they’re up to. Also, if you’re interested in finding out if your congressman is on Twitter, check out this website which lists all the members who are!