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Mayor Karl Dean’s Nashville Flood Press Conference

Watch Mayor Karl Dean’s press conference regarding flooding in Nashville in its entirety here:


Att. Gray argues Civil Rights legacy

Fred Gray, the man who represented not only Rosa Parks, but the Tuskegee Syphilis case, as well as many other important Civil Rights cases, spoke at Belmont University on Jan. 20, 2010.

 Gray talked about this life– how a young man, only 24 years old, became the legal council at the center of the storm in Montgomery, Al. in the late ’60s. 

 His core desire what to “destroy everything segregated [he] could find.”

 Among the stories Gray told and things he revealed, was that the Rosa Parks incident was planned. Long has the story circulated that Rosa Parks was a random woman who was merely tired. 

 “There were so many people who think things just happened in Montgomery. They didn’t happen, they were planned,” Gray told the audience. When Parks was arrested she knew exactly what to do. Not only that, but she was not the first to be arrested. Fifteen-year-old Claudette Colvin refused to give up her seat on a bus nine months prior. According to Gray, if there had not been a Claudette Colvin, there might not have been a Rosa Parks as we know her today. 

 Apart from talking about Montgomery in the ’60s, Gray spoke about Civil Rights in the present day.

 “The Civil Rights Movement is not over,” he said, the struggle for equal justice has not been achieved. 

 Gray presented the challenge  of befriending someone of another race and truly getting to be best friends.

“The races really don’t know each other,” he said, also adding that it will take the help of everyone because of how ingrained racism is in the U.S. 

 He also emphasized the idea that if the fight for equal justice is lost, those who died will have died in vain, and that if “we lose, the nation loses.”

Gray’s Advice To Students

  • College students integral to Civil Rights Movement.  NC A&T students started sit-ins across the country.
  • Todays, students facing all problems of the nation: economics, war, and race.
  • Gray: “Decide what area you can contribute the most in.”

Civil Rights Attorney Fred Gray visited Belmont University on January 20th.  Gray, Rosa Parks’ former attorney during the Montgomery Bus Boycotts, advised college students to find a cause and work towards it.  

More coverage of the event to come on Practicum Pioneers.

Five Belmont Seniors Take the Court for the Last Time

In the Music City All-Stars game right here at the Curb Event Center, Belmont’s five seniors, Shane Dansby, Andy Wicke, Alex Renfreo, Henry Harris, and Matthew Dotson, who have been the part of three different NCAA tourney-bound teams took the court for the last time.

Belmont Faces Pitching Ace

Kennesaw State pitcher, Chad Jenkins, is considered a top fifty draft prospect by most, and after seeing him face Belmont, its easy to see why in this second game of a double-header.

Entrepreneurial Journalism: Defined.


After asking a variety of Belmont University journalism students and professors what they thought about entrepreneurial journalism, I realized that there really is no clear definition. It is interesting, however, to hear different interpretations on this idea. I uploaded the series of interviews to Seesmic in order to “start a new conversation” where people can discuss the opinions stated through “replies.”

Be sure to join the conversation and check out these interviews on Seesmic as well.

PlayDate Nashville


PlayDate Nashville is a 21-and-over event that offers “an alternative to the typical night out.” Instead of going to a restaurant or seeing a movie, some Nashville residents are deciding to spend time playing childhood games while engaging with other adults. With a relatively low cover charge of $10 that gives individuals access to a variety of games for up to six hours, PlayDate is easy on the wallet.


PlayDate Nashville is currently held at Limelight. Check out this map to see exactly where the venue is located.