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Transom Tutorial


This is a tutorial on, a website dedicated to citizen storytelling on the radio.


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Finding Creative Ways to Get Audience to Pay for Content

From print to online, how will newspapers get consumers to pay for content?

From print to online, how will newspapers get consumers to pay for content?

Freelance journalist Cathy Young chimes in on the conversation about how to keep newspapers alive even when they move online.

…There is no good reason that online content should be free, other than “people are used to it.” Is it impossible to persuade people to pay for something they are used to getting for free? Not at all. Online music downloads are a good example; so is television. While TV had been free since its inception, large numbers of people proved willing to pay for cable and digital television.

Newspapers and newsmagazines have tried to use the subscription method, as well as the pay-as-you-want system made popular by iTunes where a reader might pay a couple cents for a story. These have not worked.

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New York Post Drops Legendary Gossip Columnist

Liz Smith

Associated Press file photo: Liz Smith

NEW YORK – The New York Post is dropping Liz Smith‘s column this week to save money, leaving the legendary gossip columnist without a newspaper home in the city for the first time in 33 years. “I’m very sorry that that has come to an end, and that I wasn’t valuable enough for them to keep me on,” the 86-year-old Smith said Tuesday.

According to an Associated Press article, the Post simply couldn’t keep paying the “Dame of Dish”  $125,000 per year for her column. One would assume a column that has been a regular in the Murdoch-owned newspaper since 1991 would draw a consistent audience.

Perhaps the demographic has changed too much for that. Now with gossip media outlets like TMZ and Perez Hilton, who are not only free, but also provide videos and photographs and interactive media to include and engage their audience– people seem more likely to leave  legends like Smith (whose content is made up solely of text), and go to a more interactive environment.

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Twestival Attendee Reflects on Event

This is an interview on oovoo with Belmont alum Cheryl Bak who helped put the Nashville Twestival together.

The owners of the blog Nashvillest , brought local Twitters together for a good cause. This gathering was one of about 139 in other cities in an effort to support Charity: Water raise funds to provide clean water to those without.

I’m experimenting with oovoo, so some issues involving sound, and also the fact that Cheryl’s screen is blank need to be fixed (actually we later found that there was something wrong with Cheryl’s webcam, but I’m not sure if the same problem will come up with someone else’s webcam.) You can tell I didn’t really know where to look since she wasn’t there to look at…