Words Worth Remembering.

Belmont students share their own memories, haunting and hysterical, from Spelling Bees long ago.

“I misspelled librarian! Then I told my friends that I did it on purpose because I didn’t want to be in the spelling bee…I lied.” – Kara Bellefant

“I went up to spell my word, which was floral, and I acted like it was written on my hand and said it as if I was reading it off my hand.” – Dillon Bock

“Insomnia. I lived in Miami and the teacher had a crazy accent so I had no idea what he asked me to spell. I said insomBia. Twice.” – Brooke Wilder

“Believe, I spelled it beleive, it has haunted me ever since.” – Caleb Hickman

“I spelled “chromatic” incorrectly on purpose because I didn’t want to be in the school district competition.” – Amanda Tincher

“I spelled general as generel. Lol. I knew there were two e’s and I didn’t count correctly when spelling it out loud.” – Joanna Rolan

“3rd grade…I misspelled “clock” – yeah. definitely destined to be a music business major. I don’t remember how I spelled it though…it’d be kind of difficult to mess that one up!” – Megan Wagner

“This made me laugh. I misspelled “linear”. It was before I knew it was a math term.” – Emilee Murphree

“I misspelled melanoma. I avoided reading through the study list of medical terms since I didn’t think I could do it.” – Courtney Swim

“2nd grade… “lagh” instead of “laugh” somehow I became an English major.” – Ashley Francis


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