The Pepsi Project


“We’re looking for people, businesses and non-profits with ideas that will have a positive impact. Look around your community and think about how you want to change it.” This is the mission statement found on Pepsi’s official website for the Refresh project. Basically, the program allows you to pitch your idea in 70 characters or less on how to improve the world. They take 1,000 applicants a month and allow users to vote up to 10 times a day for their favorite project. The slogan benefiting Pepsi at the end of the day is ‘Every Pepsi refreshes the world.”

I think this project may have all the components to be wildly successful for both Pepsi and its applicants. What people are looking for in business now is heart. Who cares the most about their customers, who puts the most passion into what they’re doing. You can see in the book “Mavericks” that companies like ING, those innovators putting people first, are the ones soaring. Furthermore, Pepsi or Coke, Pepsi or Coke, what gives either one an edge besides those entirely divided by flavor: marketing.  People will believe in this project and more fully stand behind Pepsi because in essence Pepsi is standing behind them.

It is also a brilliant move to Crowdsource and allow people to vote on their favorite projects.  Crowdsourcing provides ownership and community building. Overall I say…good move Pepsi.


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