TED has a sixth sense

Everyone is yet again sitting on the edge of their seats for what could be another major technological advancement.

The SixthSense is a new device currently being developed by TED that will provide it’s wearer a real time, interactive projection that can allow you to do just about anything.

The device can project onto any surface including your hand, a wall, a book, and even plane tickets.

In the video you see the demonstrator, and inventor, Pranav Mistry, show you how easy it is to make a phone call, take pictures, and search for information on certain paper products, all by simply holding it in front of you.

The device responds to certain colors you put on your fingertips, as you will see in the video, and the announcer explains that you could simply “paint your fingernails” to use the device.

In addition to providing it’s wearer with the ability to find out information on products and books, the camera also scans people’s faces projecting key words associated with the person’s Internet activity. We could all soon be saying, “I see tagged people.”

For now, the SixthSense is a little bulky but still amazingly only costs around $300 to make. This could potentially put the device in competition with cell phone.

Although the device is new and still in the development process, it looks like it won’t be long before all of us may have the ability to live out our sci-fi fantasies.

By: Savannah Packard


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