What comes next?

In this fast paced, constantly changing and adapting, technologically driven society, everyone is moving forward towards new and innovative ways to communicate. Everyone, that is, aside from the major news conglomerates.

It can be said that they have ‘jazzed up’ their news reports with bits and pieces of new technology here and there, say with a fancy title graphic or google map. However these elements are just crudely pasted on an old model of reporting that people are simply tired of watching.

Leave it to the Brits to make a video encapsulating this idea and finding a way to throw in a few laser beams along the way. [Apologies for the brief use of foul language.]

Hope you enjoy.

By: Savannah Packard


2 responses to “What comes next?

  1. Great catch Savannah, unfortunately, this is so embarrassing yet so true. We have to change!!!!

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