Tuskegee, what the??

Tuskegee, Alabama is anything but your typical southern college town.

Located about 40 min north east of the states capitol of Montgomery, the city is teaming with students and black history.

Almost 130 years ago Booker T. Washington founded Tuskegee University.

Washington’s determination took him from a life of slavery to one of academic achievement.

The hard working professor left behind a legacy of hope that results in approximately 1500 students graduating with liberal arts degrees each year, 69% of them Black non-hispanic.

Washington, and men like him, worked to solve a problem facing the uneducated black youth of 1880.

Ignoring the opposition, they fought for the right of all men to have the freedom to educate themselves.

At a conference held on January 20, 2010 at Belmont University, veteran civil rights attorney Fred Gray spoke about civil rights and the role we American’s, race aside, play in the future of our country.

“Each one of us can do something. Don’t ask me what you can do. You can look at the problems, you can decide on those issues. But you can find your niche. And whatever you decide that you can do to help solve the problems of this country, healthcare is one, racism is one, the wars we have, poverty, all of these, the economy, all of these are problems and we are going to have to solve them. But it’s going to take all of us working together to do that.”


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