Copy Editors Will Be Obsolete in the Future

In this blog post from Steve Yelvington, he talks about how newspaper editors, specifically wire and feature editors, becoming obsolete in the near future. He also brought up the fact that as current jounalists, we need to be trained in more than one specialty

“If you are one of those talented gatherers of news who can’t write clean publishable copy, you can pretty much consider your job to be in the same at-risk category as wire editing and features editing.”

I’m not sure I necessarily agree with the fact that editors no longer need to exist. I think having someone other than the writer/creator look at the content and provide suggestions on how to make the piece stronger will always be needed, whether they’re called an editor or not. What do you think?


2 responses to “Copy Editors Will Be Obsolete in the Future

  1. Editors will always be needed. Especially since computers can not compute context, collage versuse college for example. I still believe someone will have to check content for errors as well. The current position may be restructured but I think the need will still be there.

  2. Whatever happened to the oft repeated statement “One machine can replace a hundred people. But no machine can replace one human brain.” Of course editors will always be required!

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