Digital Papers??

As a recent convert to the iPhone world, I’ve been thinking a lot about whether we will be saying goodbye to paper products in our near future. I can tell you already that I’ve chucked my post-its (which I love) out the window and downloaded my first e-book, which I adore.
I thought I would always be a paper reader, but the iPhone has changed me and after downloading the Kindle app for the iPhone I started thinking about the Kindle itself. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s an e-reader created by Amazon. Basically, it’s main purpose is to have digital copies of your books (up to 1,200 of them) with you at all times.  But, as I recently found out from a blog posted a few months ago, the Kindle also allows you to download and subscribe to newspapers and magazines for a fee as well as providing access to text only or text heavy websites at no additional cost. That means that once you buy the Kindle, someone else pays the internet usage bill. Of course, purchasing one will cost you almost $400. Which brings me back to the iPhone. Why pay $400 for just a reader when you can pay $300 for a phone that does the same thing plus hundreds of other tasks? I think I’ll be sticking to my phone for a long while until the price goes down on the Kindle.

So what do you all think, will the world begin to actually get their news in the same format but digitally like in Minority Report? Or will we continue to leave a paper trail?


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