Some say social media could be used to boost national security


In a recent UPI article, National Defense University researcher Mark Drapeau says the U.S. Department of Defense should consider using social media for national defense purposes.  Drapeau points out the recent terrorist attacks in India, and how quickly information about the attacks spread through sites like Twitter.  He says the India bombings are just one demonstration of how potentially powerful social networking can be if used for national defense.

Drapeau has called on the Defense Department to develop a comprehensive strategy for utilizing social-media technologies to support U.S. government strategic security objectives.  “It’s still important to be aware of the power and reach of these tools,” Drapeau said, according to Nextgov.  “If you work in national security, some of these things happening in other countries may affect your job or mission. What’s happening over the past couple years is people in other countries are using Facebook, Twitter and blogs to organize. In some cases, even when government security knew it was happening, they were overwhelmed by the amount of people who show up.”


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