Facebook’s attempt to “involve” its members just a con?


An interesting article posted by Lidija Davis on ReadWriteWeb yesterday asserts that Facebook’s extension of the “site governance vote” to its users could never work the way Facebook says it could.  In fact, Davis and others are calling this seemingly generous move by Facebook downright deceitful.  Back in February, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook would soon start letting its users vote on major changes to the site, calling this action an “unprecendented” effort to involve users.  But global privacy watchdog Privacy International is calling foul.

They say the problem lies with the condition that 30 percent of Facebook‘s active users (active meaning that a user has logged in sometime in the last 30 days) have to vote on a proposal for the voting to even count.  This means that, for the current vote on Facebook‘s Terms of Service to be valid, 49 million people would have to vote.  But this seems pretty unlikely, considering that, as of a couple of days ago, there were less than 281,000 votes.  Privacy International is calling this a “publicity stunt and a massive confidence trick on its 200 million users.”

“While we support the concept of user participation, the idea of establishing a thirty percent participation threshold is a complete joke. It will never be reached, and Facebook knows it. Earlier this year the figure had been set at 25 percent, and it was edged up because of concerns that users might actually succeed in changing the terms and conditions,” Privacy International’s Director, Simon Davies claimed in a statement Friday.

Check out the whole article, “Facebook’s Site Governance Vote: A Massive Con?”


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