Social Power: Crucial Concept


Mindy McAdams posted a link to an interesting article: Newspapers Not Harnessing Readers’ Social Power. The article is based on a survey conducted by Gartner Inc.

“In the face of declining circulations, falling offline and online revenue, and competition from digital sources, newspapers have not taken adequate steps to integrate social media tools into their content management “ecosystem,” the report said, adding that the most important task for newspapers now is to prioritize the integration of social media into a current or future content management system.”

Could social media tools help save newspapers? I’d say it’s worth a shot.

Bottom line: readers and consumers are no longer satisfied with simply taking in a story. They’re craving more.


2 responses to “Social Power: Crucial Concept

  1. belmontmediablog

    I loved, loved, loved reading the London Lite and The Metro paper. Free paper is awesome

  2. I definitely agree that newspapers need to understand and truly utilize social media in order to survive. It’s sad to see newspapers go…but it’s hard to feel sorry for the newspapers who refuse to adapt. Check out my post below this one (article: “Newspapers: 5 Ways to Avoid Extinction”).

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