OneRiot Launches Search Tool for Twitter

The website OneRiot has launched a search tool for Twitter users. While Twitter already had a search tool that allowed users to search what was being tweeted about in real time, the OneRiot Twitter Search allows users to search for the websites that are being tweeted about in real time.
Here is an excerpt from the full article:

OneRiot’s CEO Kimbal Musk explains, “We’re indexing all the links being shared on Twitter in real-time and allowing users to specifically search for the content that matters most to the Twitter community right now.”

What OneRiot is doing is important because it demonstrates two social media trends that are proving to be successful in drawing audiences: aggregation and personalization.
It seems that many content providers are realizing that content aggregation plays a huge role in attracting an audience. Why? Because people want what’s convenient. They don’t want to have to search for their information. If you can organize valuable content in a way that is easily accessible, people will be more likely to come to you as a source of information.
Here is an article on explains how content aggregation can be used as a social media marketing tool.


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