Earth Hour in Nashville

Derek and I went downtown Saturday night to film Earth Hour. We tried to get a feel for what Nashville thought about the symbolic gesture of turning off non-essential lights for a hour and the gist of it is that everyone has mixed feelings on the whole thing. Instead of using the broadcast cameras, we used the Vision’s little HD cameras, Final Cut Express and Vimeo. Vimeo does a much better job of compressing HD video than YouTube, although there are limits to how many HD videos you can upload in a week (1) and how big the files can be (500MB per week).

I also uploaded it to Current. I kinda doubt that it’ll get picked for TV, but it’s entirely possible. You might be able to help that happen if you go to the video there and vote it up.


2 responses to “Earth Hour in Nashville

  1. I like the feel and spirit of the video.

  2. I’m glad you used Vimeo. YouTube would have detracted so much from the quality of the story. I also liked the lack of voiceover. It definitely worked.

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