Twitter… Would you pay for more features?


If you could get more features on Twitter, would you shell out the cash?

Dan Frommer reports that “Twitter Confirms Paid Pro Accounts On The Way.”  What does this mean to you? Possibly nothing… But it could mean a lot to businesses, companies and Twitter-fanatics.

“In exchange for a fee, companies could get “more features” on Twitter, the WSJ reports. Twitter cofounder Biz Stone tells the WSJ that the company recently hired a product manager to help develop those accounts, but doesn’t specify what the extra features will be or when the accounts will launch.

This makes perfect sense. There’s a lot of stuff companies would pay Twitter for, such as a way to verify the company rep’s legitimacy; to more analytics and information about who is reading their Twitter page; to better tracking features to see what people are saying about their company.”

Is an enhanced Twitter account worth paying for? Could it be beneficial – or is Twitter serving its ultimate purpose already?


One response to “Twitter… Would you pay for more features?

  1. Is Twitter perceived as a business application or is this an effort to segregate business users from those who use Twitter on a more personal/community level?

    Perhaps Twitter is serving its ultimate purpose already…but who gets to make that decision?

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