“I will survive, I will survive!”


Mindy McAdams posted a link to an interesting story – “10 Newspapers That Will Survive The Apocalypse.” The story, by Nicholas Carlson, claims that an anonymous investor is interested in pumping some of his money into the news business – and this guy says he’s uncovered the formula for saving newspapers.

This anonymous individual said something pretty interesting about online newspapers…

“What does our source think of newspapers on the Web? Not much. He says local papers should have a Web site run by two people that links to international and national news and keeps all local content behind a pay wall or off the Internet entirely.”

So, he’s all about control, which we already know doesn’t work.

Anyway, some of the newspapers he believes are “worth acquiring” are… The Star Tribune and Pioneer Press, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The Roanoke Times, The Daytona Beach News-Journal, The Palm Beach Post, The EW Scripps’ Texas Papers and the Orlando Sentinel.

… Where’s the Tennessean?


One response to ““I will survive, I will survive!”

  1. I like the quote about what this individual considers web worthy for newspapers…I don’t agree, but I believe it is another indication that this person considers the web audience to be the same as the traditional newspaper audience.

    Hmmm. What does the Tennessean think about not making the survivor’s list? Good question!

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