Why the death of newspapers can be a positive development


In the TechNewsWorld article “Why It’s OK for Newspapers to Die,” author Sonia Arrison gives her take on why the likely inevitably of most newspapers dying off isn’t necessarily a tragedy.  In fact, Arrison argues that the transition from newspapers to online content is a form of “creative destruction” that will ultimately improve the richness and depth of news content.

Resource limitations make it difficult for a single newspaper in Los Angeles or New York to cover every relevant story of local interest. When the Web takes over, however, there can be multiple blogs and companies competing to provide coverage, and the information becomes much broader and richer.  This transition from a top-down method of news reporting to a more distributed system won’t be easy at first — and, like the horse-and-buggy drivers of 100 years ago, many old-school journalists will find themselves looking for a new job.  Yet this change, a clear form of creative destruction, will create a more responsive and richer world of media with more stories and more ways of organizing and validating those stories than ever before.


One response to “Why the death of newspapers can be a positive development

  1. I wish there was a way to distinguish between the death of print/distribution systems and evolving news organizations. We have been witnessing the financial demise of a number of organizations but I am not sure there is a decline in our appetite for news…’creative destruction’ may be the best term I’ve seen tagged to this conundrum.

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