Has Google found a way to monetize the news?


Google News has confirmed that it will begin selling AdWords placement on Google News searches.  In this article, Angela Gunn explains that the ads will work as AdWords normally do – ads will show up based on the terms used in the search.  Reactions from traditional publishers have been mixed.  Some oppose the idea, while others think Google may be on the verge of finding a way to monetize the news.

Many observers pointed out that traditional publishers, some of whom are only recently coming around to the prospect of Google News excerpting their stuff, are likely to scream blue murder at the idea of the search giant making ad sales in proximity to their content.  But Ken Chan, commenting on John Battelle’s Searchblog, took a more sanguine view. “Good for Google,” he writes. “Instead of getting all bent out of shape, the news media should be praying that Google succeeds and finds a way to monetize the news. Then, the rest of the news media can jump aboard the Google bandwagon ’cause they haven’t found a way to make money online by themselves.”


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