Lost in Translation: A Conversation Between Generations

Baby Boomers: How They View Our Generation…
Here are some tips/highlights from the convo.

According to speaker Amy Lynch, the baby boomer generation has a negative opinion of our generation, and we must take it upon ourselves to work extra hard to change it.

Four key phrases boomer’s want to hear from us:

“I’ll work the hours the job requires.”
“I’ve dealt with failure, here’s how.”
“I do not expect special treatment.”
“I’m looking for a mentor.”

Body language is VERY important. Arms relaxed at sides will be read as confidence.

Tips from Jake Greene, author of Whoa, My Boss is Naked
*You should be able to answer “what do you want to do?” in ten words.
We should be concise but memorable. Be relevant and appealing. Do not broadcast your inner monologue.

*As we all know, employers WILL check our personal websites. Be consistent in how you portray yourself online.

*If ever you meet someone you find has an interesting career, ask them to get coffee and ask them how they got where they are. Usually, they’ll be flattered.

*Research, learn about potential employers before interview. Don’t blow it by not having a solid grasp on what employer/company does.

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