Dan Schwabel breaks down Google

Dan Schawbel, the owner of Personal Branding Blog and the author of Me 2.0: Build a Powerful Brand to Achieve Career Success blogged on Mashable.com about way that you can make Google.com work to your advantage.

First off, he explains what Google can say about you – both positively and negatively – and how you can influence (or at least try) your hit rate.

Below is Dan’s eight  different suggestions (paraphrased) to optimize Google…for you!

1. Register for a blog and social networks

One way to take control for your results is by owning or renting web properties that carry your name. Blogs and social networks allow you to do just that…Make sure your blog, in some way, connects to your name. For instance, if your name is the URL or the title of the blog has your name in it, it will rank high for your name. …. start a blog because you’re passionate about a topic and want your voice to be heard.

The largest and most credible social networks have a high Google PageRank. PageRank is a measurement of importance in Google from 0 to 10. Twitter, LinkedIn, FriendFeed, and Facebook have a PageRank of 8, which might not surprise you…Anywhere you can use your full name, I encourage you to do so.

2. Write for other blogs

Much like what I do for Mashable, you can guest post on other blogs, which can take up some of those top ten spots in Google for your name. In general, becoming a content creator will help you take charge of your brand.

3. Create a social media resume

…a social media resume is optimized to rank high in Google for your name and can support your professional development and job searching needs.

4. Start a wiki under your name

A wiki is an online document that can be edited in real-time and tracked. Pbwiki.com, a service for creating free wikis, has a PageRank of 7, which means that if you use your full name when registering, there’s a good chance it will rank high for you. You could turn the wiki into a resume, a list of your favorite things to do or a listing of websites.

5. Become a celebrity/micro-celeb

…Becoming internet famous isn’t out of reach anymore, especially when the cost of admission is $0.00.

6. Bond with communities

Whether you join a Ning network or start a Ning network, they all tend to rank well in search engines and are great places to network and meet like-minded people. I would also recommend blog communities such as Social Media Today, depending on what you blog about.

7. Create an eBook

David Meerman Scott, author of World Wide Rave, says that you can get people all around the world talking about you if you give away a free eBook….but with the proper “triggers,” such as a Digg button, people will share it and link to it, which increases its Google PageRank.

8. Beg people to write about you

Well, maybe don’t beg. You might sound desperate and annoying….If you have friends in the blogosphere, they will gladly support you by writing about you. I’ve had people ask me to interview them. Never, ever do that.


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