How far is too far?

We’ve been posting back and forth on this blog about twitter. Is it worthwhile? What does it have to offer? Etc. With all of that aside, some people have taken to using twitter to communicate in some not so traditional ways.

Take the National Post reporter who took his tweets towards a disgruntled marketing consultant to the next level.

Or how about this video that features surgeons who took to informing others about the surgery they were performing in real time.

Even the Tennessean featured a story just a little while ago about Twitter’s new growth, pun intended, in which plants “talk” to their new owners.

Though some more nontraditional uses, like how the metro in DC uses it to update its users of disruptions, might be weird, they  are undeniably useful.

So, with those examples under your belt, why don’t you try a new website and record your thoughts so that I can respond. Leave a comment with the link!


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