Blog Features

So, it’s my turn to run the blog. If there are any features that you want added or if there’s anything you want changed, then leave a comment on this post and I’ll see what I can do. I’ll keep this post stuck at the top of the blog until Sunday.

2/20 Edit: Make sure that if you add a “more” tag to someone else’s post, you use HTML mode and put it between paragraphs to make sure you don’t wreck the page design. If you put it in front of a closed tag (a “</p>” usually), the blog will freak out.


5 responses to “Blog Features

  1. Hey Lance,
    Can you please separate the stories onto a different page and then have a video or photo link directly to that page from the home page?

  2. Like this blog, Lance. You should definitely, however, take the dummy text out of the banner!

  3. Got it, thanks Daniel. I never noticed that the dummy text was still in there, probably because the text disappeared into the image.

    Syb: I’m not sure what you mean. I can make a separate page, but it’ll be a static page that everyone will have to update when they post a story like how the tutorials are now. Alternatively, I could try to put something flashy in the sidebar that links to the stories category, where everything is right now.

  4. Yep. Good job Lance. Fan-tastic.

  5. Wait, who’s Daniel?

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