Digital Dirt (uh-oh) And Other Recommendations

Patricia Jacobs, Director of Career Services at Belmont, addresses the danger of “digital dirt” and gives students advice about how to make sure their reputations aren’t tainted by inappropriate content online.

To find out more about LinkedIn, check out this video tutorial on how to get started!


2 responses to “Digital Dirt (uh-oh) And Other Recommendations

  1. The statistic Jacobs gives on how often employers eliminate candidates after looking at their Facebook or MySpace is extremely unsettling, but it’s hard to blame employers for doing it. It isn’t difficult to make your Facebook or MySpace private to those you don’t want to see it. Young people looking for jobs, especially those who want to go into journalism, need to keep this statistic in mind and be smart about what they put on their personal sites. No religious or political views, please! This should be common sense, and it kills me to see young journalists doing things like this.

  2. The thing is, when facebook began, it was only available to college students
    (or at least people with .edu email accounts.) Even then, employers would find ways to view candidates’ accounts. Now, anyone can create a facebook account, and even if you do set your page to private, with technology these days I would not be surprised if employers could still figure out a way to view your profile. Best bet is to just keep your page clean. And Abby is right. Students seeking careers in journalism are doing themselves no favor by displaying their political and religious beliefs on facebook. Remember that whole objective/non-biased thing?

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