free_contentNewspapers made a mistake when they let consumers have information free of charge, something they’re suffering for now, according to “Reflection of a Newsosaur” blog.

The second part of this series discusses how newspapers can get comsumers to pay for content. However, at the basis of this is the idea that the content will be significant enough to lure consumers to pay a small amount for it.

How do you all feel about this? Do you think people will ever be willing to pay anything for news?


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  1. I read this the other day! Such a good article! I think Mutter sums it up perfectly when he asks, “Why would consumers buy the cow when the milk is free?” – So true. I think the only way people will ever pay for news again is if ALL news organizations and content providers begin charging… and the chances of that happening are very, very slim.

  2. I think that there’s a chance people will pay for some type of news product if it’s packaged in a really unique way that is somehow worth paying for. But as I posted on February 9, in reference to the Nieman Journalism Lab article “Please pay us for our news-please?”, ”the daily news is a perishable product of limited value that is here one minute and fish-wrap the next.” People aren’t going to pay for news that they can get in multiple places for free. But if someone thinks of a way…I’d love to know what it is.

  3. You are absolutely correct in your assessments. In What Would Google Do by Jeff Jarvis, he encourages the news industry to find another way because news is now a commodity.

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