A Novel Use for Twitter

I don’t think it’s any secret that I’ve been struggling with the usefulness of Twitter. When half of it is mindless nonsense like Nate telling us all he has garlic breath (sorry Nate!) and the other half is media outlets throwing links at us, I feel like those are both being accomplished by Facebook/MySpace and RSS feeds respectively.

With that in mind, it would take something completely new and interesting for me to pay Twitter any mind. Surprisingly enough, I found something useful (at least useful to me).

8means8 is a blog that also uses Twitter. The idea behind it is that no show in Nashville starts on time and getting to the venue on time means awkwardly standing around for upwards of a hour. So, instead, you can check Twitter for updates by people who are at the show and have discovered that the first band isn’t going on until, let’s say, 9:30. I don’t know how many times I’ve stuffed my face with dinner and sped off down the road, worried that I’m missing something, only to find out that the gig doesn’t start until much later.

The catch? People have to use it for it to work like the creators want it to. Right now the Twitter account only has 13 followers and only one update. Granted, the site was started 3 days ago and it still has time to grow.

I think this idea articulates the usefulness of a website like Twitter in a way that others have not been able to. This is literally information that you cannot get anywhere else with a shelf-life of maybe an hour. The question is if there are other situations like this where Twitter is the most appropriate way to disseminate information.


3 responses to “A Novel Use for Twitter

  1. Wow, that’s an awesome idea! Lance, I am definitely on the same page as you when it comes to looking for creative ways that Twitter can be used, and I think 8means8 has a lot of potential. I really hope that people use it. Do you know who started the site?

  2. It was apparently started by Glenn Peoples, a Vanderbilt grad student who runs a fairly popular music industry blog called Coolfer.

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