The Demographic Shift in Nashville

Demographic Shift in Nashville

With the vote of “English Only” proposal of Jan. 22, a lot of factors needed to be taken into account. What would the impact on immigrants, impact to Metro council, and  impact on taxpayers be? However, the big question behind all this was, who will the vote effect? And, among others, the big blatant answer is: Non-English speaking people.

… But how big is that number in Nashville?
It’s important to consider that Nashville has a rich mix of diversity. The sugar coating of country music sometimes can give outsiders the impression that the city’s population is made up of cowboy boot wearing white people; while in reality there are many different types of cultures and people  – English speaking and not.
The city is home to the largest population of Kurdish people in America, estimated at 11,000, earning Nashville the nickname of “Little Kurdistan”, and also has large populations of African and Asian immigrants as well.
In fact, if the demographic trends continue as they are, whites are going to be a minority in Nashville by 2024,according to an article by the Tennessean.
The article stated, as of July 2007, only 46 percent of children under 5 were white, 30 percent were black, and 17 percent were Hispanic. While currently, 61 percent of Davidson County’s population is white, making them the majority, that number is down from 65.5 percent in 2000.

The Demographic Shift in Nashville


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