Man Dumps Wife on Facebook

Am I allowed to think this is funny?  What adult announces his divorce, unbeknownst to his wife, on FACEBOOK?

This guy.


One response to “Man Dumps Wife on Facebook

  1. Now that…is pathetic. But, sadly, I’m really not that surprised that things like this happen. One of the scary characteristics of new media and mobile technology is that it allows people to live in a sort of fantasy world and remove themselves from true human interaction. I can understand how it is tempting to use certain new media tools and mobile technology to avoid interaction that could be awkward. But it worries me that some middle-schoolers today say that they’re “dating,” when they’re really just texting one another. I don’t think things are looking good for the normal socialization process of kids growing up today. But I’m guessing this guy didn’t grow up with Facebook or mobile technology…so what’s his excuse? At least society is still at the point where it looks at articles like this and cringes…I hope.

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