Local Happenings…Rumble at the Fairgrounds

This isn’t necessarily “news” in the  sense of pertinent information that is going to enhance your daily knowledge of important issues around the world, but it’s still interesting. The Nashville Rollergirls are having a “two bout double-header” Saturday, Feb. 7. The event is going to be held at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds (625 Smith Ave) and will most likely be the coolest thing you do all month (unless you go sky diving).

I wouldn’t consider myself much of a sports person. It just isn’t really my thing. However, after watching the Nashville Rollergirls take on the Rollergirls from Atlanta, GA, I now have two sport passions: Bocce and watching girls on roller skates clobber each other.

The event should prove to be a real…”hullabaloo”, if you will. As the Rollgirls explain on their website:

On February 7th it won’t be safe to be at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds. On that night a building normally used for the judging of pies and preserves will be transformed into a sweaty den of darting bodies, a rectory of risky behavior, a wailing wall of wide-eyed screams, and maybe even a little spilled blood.

… Now THAT is just good family fun.

Here is a link to the Rollergirls’ Flickr page. Check ’em out in action!


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