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The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media

An article I read written by Sarah Evans describes what social media users in the business world should and should not do in order to maintain a well respected online presence.

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Belmont Plays ETSU to the Wire

Belmont had a great win on Valentine’s Day against ETSU.

 ETSU beat Belmont during their first meeting this year by 30 points, which is also the largest margin of lose for for the Bruins this season. Belmont evened the score, however, with a exciting win that took four ties and 12 lead changes along the way.

For a full game recap, including Belmont’s chances at the top seat and a bye in the A-Sun tourney, check out this video.

“Why Newsprint Is Dead”


Sylvia Paull posted some interesting thoughts in her blog about why newspapers are dying.  She titled the post “Why Newsprint Is Dead” and says that “news” in newspapers is really just HISTORY or commentary.

“Telegrams and telephones started the death watch on newsprint. Then radio, television, and the Internet. It’s been a long time dying.”

How to not be consumed by twitter…

I am sure this article is supposed to be helpful and informative, but I’m not going to lie…it makes me laugh a little. The article, by Tim Ferriss, offers in depth tips to avoid letting Twitter consume your life. OK, I exaggerate… kind of…but have we really come to the point where we need to seek help for our social media addictions? I know, it is not uncommon for procrastinating college students to check their Facebook pages several times a day, but this article ends by saying “remember, unless you work at Twitter, you probably have a job or a family that’s more important.” You think??

On a better note, it does include tips for the avid tweeter, on how to be more efficient when using the social media tool.  

Check out Time’s 25 Best Blogs of 2009 (Mashable made the list)


Check out‘s list of the 25 Best Blogs of 2009The full list is pretty diverse, and includes blogs on topics ranging from astronomy and housekeeping to politics and social media.  Pete Cashmore’s Mashable made the list.   This is what had to say about Mashable:

The key insight of Web 2.0 is that information isn’t powerful by itself; what’s powerful are the connections and conversations that turn information into useable knowledge. That’s where Mashable comes in. Founded in July 2005, Mashable is the largest and most popular blog focused on social networking. Besides relaying the latest news about Web 2.0 giants MySpace, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, it’s loaded with tips on enhancing your own social networking experience (for example, how to delete the idiotic comments you made on YouTube so a potential employer doesn’t see them) and making your blog more user-friendly.

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Congressmen Twitter During Presidential Address

When we were talking about whether or not convocation attendees should be able to have their computers with them, the point was brought up that many of those people are likely doing something else and not paying attention at all to the speaker or the performance in front of them. Apparently that point transfers over to the US Congress, because a number of congressmen were glued to their cell phones and wireless devices Twittering like mad last night during Obama’s address to Congress. It was mentioned on The Colbert Report tonight (check this post tomorrow, I’ll link the segment when the show gets put online), in a Guardian blog and in various other places (The Sydney Morning Herald equates them to “bored schoolchildren,” ouch).

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